Our Story

DOMI BABY is proudly family owned, run by a husband and wife duo. Our goal is to provide fellow parents with modern products that will make parenthood a little easier. When selecting what we carry in our shop, we make sure that they are functional, stylish and most importantly, safe for your babies. Finding items that fit your modern lifestyle isn't an easy task and shopping for your babes can be a bit overwhelming but we strive to be that one stop shop for you to find baby essentials in one place. Created by parents, for parents. We're here for you.

Our signature product is our Chews Domi Silicone Snack Cup. It is a simplistic design but oh so versatile. Being made out of 100% Food Grade Silicone makes the mouth extremely soft, perfect for your baby's delicate hands. It is a must-have for when they start to feed themselves starter solids as it encourages independence. The mouth's purpose is to prevent the snacks from spilling and also, doesn't let babies take too many at a time. The collapsable option makes it great for all ages. Holding smaller amounts of food when folded and larger amounts when un-folded. Additionally, it makes it the perfect travel companion. It's design lets it fit into EVERY size bag - from your small favorite fanny or purse to your large travel bag. Not to mention the modern colors make it easy to match with your lifestyle and accessories. Say goodbye to bulky snack containers with loud colors. To save space, no longer do you have to use ziplock bags that easily get squished in your bags then later, stuck in our oceans.

CHEWS (Choose) DOMI: the sustainable, functional, versatile, modern option to safe snacking. 

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