Matte Jelly Sandals (Ocean)

Matte Jelly Sandals (Ocean)

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Our Jelly Sandals are truly one of a kind. The modern design makes it the perfect sandals for all occasions. Still enjoying Summer weather where you live? These are the perfect waterproof shoes for playtime or the beach. Is Fall weather creeping in where you live? Size up and pair them with the cutest socks AND they'll still fit by next Spring/Summer. They will be you and your baby's new favorite shoes. 

  • Made of 100% BPA Free, Matte PVC
  • Adjustable Stainless-steel buckle to find the perfect fit
  • Snap at buckle - easy to put on or remove
  • Waterproof, easy to clean
  • Waffle grip modern design to protect toes
  • Bubble grip sole for traction

*Please make your sizing decisions based on the measurements of the shoe for the most accurate fit as they are FINAL SALE. Not sure? It's always safe to SIZE UP. For reference, my daughter is a size 5 and can fit the 6/7. Length wise, it is still too big but it stays on her foot when the adjustable strap is in the tightest setting. I know it's a size that will fit her for a while. My son is a size 9/10 and can fit the 11 perfectly but if I wanted them to be a bit more roomy, he can also fit into the 12.*